Walmart Will Soon Have Autonomous Robots Scrubbing Its Floors

One of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart, will soon be employing the services of autonomous robots for floor scrubbing. It will be sourcing these robot floor scrubbers from San Diego-based artificial intelligence company Brain Corporation. The company’s BrainOS provides these machines with autonomous navigation and data collection capabilities with a cloud-based reporting system.

The company mentions that Walmart will have 360 of these machines in its stores by the end of its fiscal year which is January 31st, 2019. These machines made by Brain Corporation are called Auto-C. The BrainOS relies on multiple sensors to scan the surroundings for obstacles such as people. This suggests that these robots could be scrubbing floors even when they’re customers in the stores.

They also use artificial intelligence to collect information about their surroundings and adapt accordingly. Store associates will be able to quickly map a route during an initial training ride and then enable autonomous floor cleaning with one tap of a button. Brain Corporation says that the technology provides the “industry’s highest level of safety and performance.”

“BrainOS is a powerful tool in helping our associates complete repetitive tasks so they can focus on other tasks within role and spend more time serving customers,” said John Crecelius, Walmart’s VP of Central Operations.

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Author: Marshmallow

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