What Is The Most Important Feature In A Smartphone?

Maybe you are thinking of buying a smartphone and one of the questions that might have come up in your mind is; what is the most important feature in a smartphone?

Though, different strokes for different folks as different people do have what features that they normally look out for when buying a smartphone.

For some, they are more particular about the quality of cameras that the phone is coming with, while for some the version of Operating System is very important to them. Others will tell you that the prefer smartphones with higher RAM and internal storage and also some look out of the type and speed of processor that the device is made up with.


Aside from those features pointed out above, there are other newer features too in modern smartphones that people do look out for when scouting for smartphones to buy and these features are not limited to good security specs like fingerprint scanner, face ID recognition etc.

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Whether you are a phone camera freak or you like newer OS in smartphones or you prefer bigger RAM and bigger storage capacity phone, there is no doubt that these features are very important in smartphone and are always better when they come out bigger but there is still a feature that is considered the most important in every smartphone.

And if you want to know, the most important feature in every smartphone remains the processor or what you normally refer to as System on Chip or better still simply as the chipset.

Like the Computer Processing Unit (CPU), the chipset of every smartphone determines to the largest extent how well a smartphone will perform. The chipset even goes to the extent of determining how well other features would perform in a smartphone.

The most common types of chipsets in use today in smartphones are Qualcomm Snapdragon, Apples A chipset and MediaTek processors; others are Samsung owns Exynos chipset, and we also have Hisilicon chipset from Huawei.

It is even in chipset that most phone lovers’ and geeks use in determining if a smartphone is to be classified as high end or mid-range devices.

Finally, when buying a smartphone, you should be more particular to the type and version of chipset that it came with before putting other features into consideration because as a rule of thumb, the better the processor, the likelihood that you have better smartphone with other better features.

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