When YouTube TV fails, an old-school antenna steps up


YouTube TV failed hard during the World Cup semifinal, but old-school antennas rocked it just fine.

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In case you missed it, YouTube TV went down hard today. Right when England was trying to #BringItHome. England’s defense pretty much disappeared in the second half, but so, too, did YouTube TV’s stream of the game. (If you somehow actually missed the game, England lost in OT. Sorry, lads.)

But this is a learning experience for us all. First, you’ve got to play all 90 minutes. Second is that you really should have a good over-the-air antenna set up. Because while it doesn’t yet do 4K resolution over the air, it’s also not subject to the streaming hiccups that we still experience in 2018.

(Third is that U.S. soccer announcers are still bad, but that’s another thing for another time.)

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