Which Sega Genesis Mini game are you playing first?

Which Sega Genesis Mini game are you playing first? screenshot

After asking which Super Nintendo game you supposed to play first with Nintendo Switch Online, it is only honest that we prolong the similar query to all the Sega lovers within the target market. The Sega Genesis Mini introduced these days with 42 other video games – what are you hitting up? What temper are you in?

First, the checklist of video games. (If for no matter explanation why you desire a text-based checklist, we have now one right here.)

The full list of games for the Sega Genesis Mini

Much like my SNES selection (Joe & Mac 2 child!), I did not want to contemplate my Sega variety.

Some other people are going to wish to pay attention Green Hill Zone right away after booting up the Mini, and that’s the reason completely high quality. Let ’em be. Others are going to let off steam with previous favorites like Streets of Rage 2, Contra: Hard Corps, and Gunstar Heroes. A couple of of you would possibly even land on Mega Man: The Wily Wars or Tetris for the sheer weirdness issue. It’ll be trippy playing such iconic Nintendo video games on a Genesis.

Me? I am simply gonna play Vectorman. In my thoughts, there’s no different selection.

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