Will Subaru FreeSSM work with KKL VAG-COM cables?

It’s imaginable to make use of a VAG-COM cable with Subaru FreeSSM instrument?
Probably sure you probably have excellent success!
Look right here: evaluations of FreeSSM running with VAG-COM
Vag-Com cable (FTDI) and FreeSSM: Worked
Working on a 2020 Outback. I’ve a Vag-Com cable (FTDI) and FreeSSM. I will connect with the ECU however no longer the TCU. I’m looking to bother shoot the problematic CVT. It has a hesitation when you are taking off in D. When you’re in Manual mode no hesitation.
KKL VAG-COM 409.1 interface and FreeSSM: Worked
FreeSSM Works for me with a KKL VAG-COM 409.1 interface. Windows 7 & 64bit Dell i7
I discovered the code the broker overlooked.
So a long way no success connecting with ECUFLASH or Rom Raider.
It ran about 30 miles earlier than going into limp mode. ( S).
It used to be amazed that Subaru program may also be reprogram in such a lot of tactics. And in such a lot of steps on every of the tactics.
My purpose is to track this engine by way of Program tweaking.
I’ve Noted that ECU Flash display many options that may be disabled for off street use. ( One has to surprise what positive factors or losses you may get by means of doing that on a inventory setup.)
VAG-COM cables with a CH340 chip and FreeSSM: NOT work
I bought a VAG-COM 409.1 cable and feature wasted many hours looking to get this to work the usage of FreeSSM inside of Wine ( digital Windows ) on my MacBook Pro working Sierra OSX.
Unscrewed the VAG-COM adapter to ensure the chipset with a magnifying glass and likely sufficient… its a CH340 chipset inside of and NOT FTDI.
I can’t see the chip (serial quantity) from the Terminal command ( ls tty* )
As freessm_user indicated on Page 50 of this thread:
… you surely want a VAG-COM cable that makes use of the FTDI chip for FreeSSM to work. When purchasing a cable, make certain the seller promises that it’s the FTDI chipset. Many VAG-COM cables now come with a CH340 chipset, which is able to NOT work.
Hoping to learn fault codes from my UK fashion Subaru Outback 2020 2.0 Diesel
KKL VAG-COM 409.1 OBD2 cable and FreeSSM: No luck!
I purchased a “KKL VAG-COM 409.1 OBD2 II OBD” cable from eBay UK right here: Auto Diagnostic Tool USB Cable KKL VAG-COM 409.1 OBD2 II OBD VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda | eBay
and feature attempted to make use of it with FreeSSM (and romraider logger, however don’t know if i’m the usage of that proper) with no luck – take a look at connection fails, and looking to learn from eu leads to the message “No or invalid resolution from ECU”. All that occurs when i plug it into the auto is the crimson gentle at the dongle lighting up, however not anything else.
The FTDI driving force deems to have put in adequate on my home windows 10 computer, and i’m the usage of the proper COM port in FreeSSM.
Okay-line or kkl line and FreeSSM: must work!
I’ve a easy Okay-line or kkl line vag-com cable. Which has a USB connection (even though being affordable it nonetheless has an reliable FTDI usb to serial chip). It labored on my 99 impreza and on my 2009 (CAN) OBW the usage of FreeSSM. I feel the CAN bus automobiles nonetheless use the SSM for their very own protocol.
I feel the sampling period at the SSM channel is upper than on a CAN bus, even though CAN bus may have a better thru bitrate.
So in truth any VAG-com kkl-line or k-line cable must work.
KKL with CAN bus automobiles: Works
In mine 2009 EURO OBW it does, I will use FreeSSM and ECUedit and Romraider with the KKL line cable from deal excessive. (the similar for my non-CAN, non-OBD2 1999 euro impreza.
Subaru made up our minds to remove darkness from the sprint like a Christmas tree at the more recent fashions with even a non vital P-code CEL is detected by means of the ECM.
You can use FreeSSM / Romraider / TorquePro / or every other elementary OBDII scanner to tug the codes.
Unless that may be a producer explicit engine code, you’ll to find out whilst you attempt to scan.
Anyway at the matter of a excellent Vag-Com cable:
Yes they’re indexed as VW/Audi – therefore the nam VAG (Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft)
V: Volkswagen
A: Aktien “stocks”
G: Gesellschaft “society”
Regardless they work on Subaru as neatly, however just for scanning, no longer flashing.
Of direction there are exceptions to this rule relying on yr of Subaru however that’s but even so the purpose.
The trick is to discover a cable with a unique FTDI chip.
Find one with the actual FTDI FT232RL chipset. (no longer faux reproduction)
Most of the cables in the market now do not need the actual FT232RL chip anymore.
See what you’ll to find close to you.
Here is an inexpensive cable with FTDI FT232 in the United States this is showed to neatly with FreeSSM:
It works for Subaru from yr 2000 to 2009 incl. Impreza, Forester, Tribeca, Liberty, Baja, Outback
Working with FreeSSM 1.2.5, the cable has the likelihood to execute TCU resets (e.g. for the take a look at engine lighting), in addition to to show real-time knowledge for more than a few measuring blocks and to accomplish all varieties of machine assessments for more than a few elements of the engine: the gas pump, the radiator fan or the air suction valve, to call a couple of.
The capability of the instrument may also be in point of fact evaluated by means of skilled mechanics and automotive engineers, however it’s stated that it could possibly simply change extra advanced tracking equipment e.g. the Subaru Select Monitor. While the latter is a paid possibility, FreeSSM is an open-source mission and can be utilized commercially totally free.
And extra creation and photographs I discovered on their weblog: http://appmarsh.com/2020/06/09/review-on-subaru-freessm-v125/
Just attempting plug and play or the usage of the drivers that come with the CD is a waste of time. Decide forward of time which USB port you’ll use and don’t check out shifting round to any other port later. Connect the cable on your laptop handiest and you’ll get the usual Windows is in search of drivers… message with none final luck. Let that run its direction then restart.
Hold down the Windows key and press Break while you’re at the desktop to open the approach to organize gadgets on the best left. With any success, you must see FT232 USB UART indexed. The 232 chip is it seems that one of the few that work with the instrument. If you don’t see it, your cable may not be appropriate. Of direction, you continue to don’t have a workable driving force put in but.

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