Xbox Adaptive Controller Launched For Differently Abled Players

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new controller for people who are differently abled. This new controller was actually leaked earlier this week and the company has officially announced it today. Microsoft is calling it the Xbox Adaptive Controller and it will help people with disabilities play games on Xbox. Microsoft describes it as the most flexible adaptive controller made by a major gaming company.

The controller has two large programmable buttons as well as 19 jacks through which a wide variety of buttons, joysticks, and switches can be connected to enable differently abled players to play their favorite titles on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

Solomon Romney is a Microsoft Stores retail learning specialist who has been gaming with this controller for a few months. He was born without fingers on his left hand. “I can customize how I interface with the Xbox Adaptive Controller to whatever I want,” pointing out that if he wants to play a game entirely with his feet, the controller allows him to do that. “I can make the controls fit my body, my desires, and I can change them anytime I want,” he added.

The controller hasn’t been developed as a one-stop solution for all games but it allows for flexibility through which a variety of peripherals can be used in concert with system-level button remapping on the Xbox to achieve the desired result.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is going to be released later this year for $99.

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