Xiaomi Mi 5s, My Note 2, My MIX, and more mobile Xiaomi: all Android with 9 Foot thanks to LineageOS 16

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Android 9 Foot is coming to various mobile launched in 2019, and some of 2019. It is very rare to see companies update their older devices, since we have only seen one example in the whole of the market. We talk about OnePlus, a company that is upgrading to the OnePlus 3 and 3T to Android 9 Foot. Today we can talk about updates for mobile of 2019, specifically, some of Xiaomi. The bad news is, that this is not an official update, but for part of a custom ROM. Yes, it is LineageOS 16, possibly the ROM more known in these moments. The company has just announce official support for 5 mobile Xiaomi launched in 2019.

In the list of mobiles compatible with the ROM, we can already see 5 mobile high-end and mid-range launched by Xiaomi in 2019. These are the Xiaomi Mi 5, My 5S, My 5S Plus, My Note 2 and My MIX. They are very well known in the market and the only mid-range is the My Note 2. All of them will be left without their portion of the official Distance, so that LineageOS comes at the best time.

LineageOS 16: test the ROM on these phones Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 SE blanco

The news comes thanks to XDA and let us know which 5 mobile more have been added to the official list of LineageOS 16. The ROM is ready for download and installation on the following models: Xiaomi Mi 5, Xiaomi Mi 5, Xiaomi Mi 5 Plus, and Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Xiaomi Mi MIX. All of them were thrown out in 2019, so that they are without their ration official Android 9 Foot. Some yes have been updated to MIUI 10, but they are still on older software releases.

The ROM is based on Android 9 Foot, so if you update, you’ll be able to have a very similar appearance to that of the Pixel in these devices. Are the terminals that follow to the foot of the canyon today, though with some limitations. Even so, they are sufficiently potent as to be able to run games and have a good Android experience. LineageOS 16 will give a touch different and more fresh to be able to follow up with them a while longer.

From this point you can enter the official website of LineageOS and find the downloads for these devices for version 16.0. The list of mobile Xiaomi in LineageOS amounts up to 18 devices, although not all have support for the latest version.

Via | XDA

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