XSSFuzzer – A Tool Which Generates XSS Payloads Based On User-Defined Vectors And Fuzzing Lists

XSS Fuzzer is a simple application written in plain HTML/JavaScript/CSS which generates XSS payloads based on user-defined vectors using multiple placeholders which are replaced with fuzzing lists.
It offers the possibility to just generate the payloads as plain-text or to execute them inside an iframe. Inside iframes, it is possible to send GET or POST requests from the browser to arbitrary URLs using generated payloads.

payload is successfully executed.
The result for the mentioned fuzzing lists and payload will be the following:

When it is executed in a browser such as Mozilla Firefox, it will alert the executed payloads:

Sending requests
It is possible to use a page vulnerable to XSS for different tests, such as bypasses for the browser XSS Auditor. The page can receive a GET or POST parameter called payload and will just display its unescaped value.

A live version can be found at https://xssfuzzer.com

The application is in beta state so it might have bugs. If you would like to report a bug or provide a suggestion, you can use the GitHub repository or you can send me an email to contact [a] xssfuzzer.com.

Download XSSFuzzer

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