You can now purchase the OnePlus 7 in Spain: prices and stores

Already several days ago that presented the new OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. Company in Spain only started selling the device more powerful, something that is not understood well at all. The advertising campaign was focused exclusively on the OnePlus 7 Pro, leaving a little of side to the cheaper model, and modest. Today the thing changes, because OnePlus Spain have told us that the OnePlus 7 can already be purchased officially in our country. Not what you have today in your hand, but you can book in some stores. If you were expecting to model small new family today we have information that you are interested in.

This OnePlus 7 is a device that is really interesting that bet by the same design that we saw in the OnePlus 6T. Still committed to the same size, the same screen and the same materials of construction. Yes, the thing changes when we take a look at the interior. OnePlus has renewed the processor, memory, camera and almost everything that has to do with the performance.

You can already reserve your OnePlus 7 at MediaMarkt and Amazon

After the press release that it has sent OnePlus Spain we still do not know very well the strategy of the company. Today is put at the disposal of all the booking, but not on your own web page. To buy it here you’ll have to wait until the 4th of June. this date will open the direct sale, without reserve or halftone. Yes, you can make sure you have one if you make a reservation at MediaMarkt or Amazon.

In the web page of MediaMarkt is now available for the OnePlus 7, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. It is the base model and has a price of 559 euros. You can book from this moment on the official website.

Booking the OnePlus 7 6/128 GB

In Amazon is not available at the time of writing these lines, but it should appear during the day today. Here you’ll be able to book the model of 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. OnePlus has divided the reserves of the different models and has distributed the balance, the cheapest to MediaMarkt and the most expensive for Amazon. This OnePlus 7 8/256 GB you can buy it by 609 euros.

Booking the OnePlus 7 8/256 GB

In the case of MediaMarkt puts that you will receive it between 6 and 7 days. On Amazon it is not yet available, but we hope that it shows information very similar. The direct sale is scheduled on the website of OnePlus for the day June 4, the date on which it is very likely to send the OnePlus 7 bought in MediaMarkt and Amazon.

OnePlus 7 6/128 GB | MediaMarkt

OnePlus 7 8/256 GB | Amazon

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