YouTube Music introduces YouTube Charts offering ranked videos

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  • Google today introduced YouTube Charts, which ranks music related to its YouTube Music service.
  • Each of the 29 YouTube Music territories gets five YouTube Charts — three for local results and two for global.
  • Charts include the Top 100 Music Videos, Top 100 Songs, and Top 20 Trending.

Google’s newest offering in the streaming music space, YouTube Music, is up and running. Today, the search giant launched a new feature for YouTube Music called YouTube Charts, which allows you to see rankings of songs and music videos both locally and globally.

YouTube Music is currently supported in 29 territories, and each market will have its own set of charts. In addition to these localized charts, there will be additional global charts which will be the same across all territories.

Each chart gives you a better idea of what’s popular and trending. Here are the charts:

  • Top 100 Songs: The most played songs on YouTube — There are two versions of this chart: local and global.
  • Top 100 Music Videos: The most viewed music videos — As before, there are global and local versions of this chart.
  • Top 20 Trending — This chart is specific to your local territory only.
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To see the charts for your market, just click here. In the U.S. right now, the most popular song and video is the pop bubblegum fluff of “thank you, next” from Ariana Grande, which somehow tops every chart.

In fact, if you’re not into Top 40 pop and autotuned monotony, it’s best for you to avoid what’s on these charts altogether because that’s basically all that’s here.

Google’s other entry in the music-streaming space — Google Play Music — is also still up and running. However, it’s likely 2020 will be the last year for that platform, as YouTube Music will probably usurp it entirely. Check out our article below to learn about how difficult it is to get your tracks out of Google Play Music.

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