YOWhatsApp v7.51 Latest Version [DUAL WHATSAPP MODs] With Emoji Or Without Emoji Changer

Small Update: #YoWA V7.51 ⚠️ by + Yousef Al-Basha
⛔ Reason: Extended Expiry date

Changelog V7.51:
[ Extended ] Expiry date
[ Enabled ] Group Settings – Send Messages (Only admin can send)
[ Removed ] Annoying Update WhatsApp message

NOTE: V7.60 will be released soon with new features … Sorry for the delay this time!

[Extend] Validation period
[Activate] Administrators option to prevent members from sending messages in groups
Remove annoying update message
Note: Version 7.60 will be released soon with new features … We apologize for the delay in the update

———– ——————————————
[ Base Update ] 2.18.122 – Play Store
[ Enabled ] One touch voice note recording! (Press and swipe up)
[ Added ] Contacts screen automatically takes theme colors
[ Added ] Change CHAT tab unread counter background (2.1.4)
[ Added ] Change CHAT tab unread counter text color (2.1.5)
[ Added ] Lock Wallpaper Preview Choosing After
[ Added ] OnePlus (Slate) Font (1.2.0)
[ Added ] the Old Stock (2018) Entry Style (3.2.3)
[ Added ] YoWA Entry Extra Attachements button , (Documents, Etc …)
[ Added] Attach button in WANH entry
[ Improved ] Re-organized Home Screen Colors in Option 2.1
[ Enabled ] Group Description – Working.
[ Enabled ] Group Settings – Activated.
[ Re-Enabled ] Last seen on home screen by default
[ Fixed ] White themes caller name not showing
[ Fixed ] Android KitKat calls crash
[ Fixed ] Share 100 images from gallery to whatsapp
[ Fixed ] error when setting lock wallpaper for some devices
[ Fixed] Your Android the Disable Oreo 8.0+-UPS Heads (Does Not If the workTel, To go The Apps> YoWhatsApp> the Change “Importance” To “Default”)
[] Other Improvements And Fixes of bugs

[ updated base ] 2.18.122 – PlayStation Store
[ activate ] recording voice messages at the touch, without long press (click and drag the top)
[ add ] names screen take theme automatically
[ add ] background circle the number of messages in the top bar color change (2.1.4)
[ add ] change the color of the text inside a circle number of messages in the tape Upper (2.1.5)
[ Add ] Rear view image lock after selectable and modify it (6.0.8)
[ Add ] Style box input previous Wattab 2018
[Add ] “Three” button to attach documents and others in style Insert YoWA
[ Add ] button Attach files in Stial Insert WANH
[ Add ] Slate line in option (1.2.0)
[ Enable ] Ability to add description of groups and groups
[ Activate ] such as preventing supervisors from changing the name
[ re – activation ] see the last appearance of people in the main screen
[ Thisn ] rearrange color options Home settings
[ fix ] problem background selection to lock in some devices
[ repair ] the problem of communication in android phones Kit Kat
[ repair] You do not receive the person ‘s name in the calls in the white themes
[ repair ] post 100 photos of the show by Alwatsab
[ repair ] to stop the pop – up notifications for phones Android 8.0 option above (if I stayed, go to applications and YoWhatsApp and Geyer “important” to the default)
[] Other fixes and improvements

Base: 2.18.122- Play Store

NOTE: Delete for everyone now only works for 1 hour . As whatsapp fixed it¡¯¯ ()) / ¯

Thanks for being patient and waiting respectfully for the update! More exciting features will be added next updates!

Credits & Thanks: (In-App now)

Previous version Donations :
– Ahmad Sururi
– Mohammed Intzgui
– Abdullah Kardaş
– Couture Noir (x3)
– Josue Ortiz
– Matheus Almeida
– Isa Umar Musawa
– Juvenal Beraun Maqui
– Aquilino Pizarro
– Giuseppina Morelli
– Wesley Douglas
– Danny Jacobsen
– Farah Jaafar
-Thanks to all who donates via Google Play!
(if you’re name is not here contact me!)

Also, I would like to thank all community members for reporting bugs, translating strings, and supporting this project

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With Emoji Changer Apk Size: 42 MB

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[ Download Now ^(http://www.mediafire.com/file/4oftkzu27xenx6f/YoWAV7.50Ext_com.yowa2_Yousef_Al_Basha.apk/file) ]

Without Emoji Changer Apk Size: 27 MB

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[ Download Now ^(http://www.mediafire.com/file/wap456gkwy0hx1n/YoWAV7.50Ext_com.waNOEmoji_Yousef_Al_Basha.apk/file) ]

<<--YOWhatsApp -->> (com.yowhatsapp)
[ Download Now ^(http://www.mediafire.com/file/vxjyoyjigy9ewrs/YoWAV7.50Ext_com.yowaNOEmoji_Yousef_Al_Basha.apk/file) ]

<<--YOWhatsApp 2 -->> (com.2yowhatsapp)
[ Download Now ^(http://www.mediafire.com/file/275q7rhsg138hwm/YoWAV7.50Ext_com.yowa2NOEmoji_Yousef_Al_Basha.apk/file) ]

Author: Marshmallow

Marshmallow Android is BT Ireland’s Head of Sales for Republic of Ireland domestic multi-site companies, indigenous MNCs and public sector accounts. He is responsible for the direction and control of all sales activity in the region. He has over 10 years management experience from high growth start-ups to more established businesses. He’s led teams in Ireland, India and China across various industries (ICT, On-Line Recruitment, Corporate Training and International Education).

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