ZEISS ZX1 Customers Won’t Need An Adobr Subscription

Last month ZEISS, probably best known for their lenses, announced their first full-frame camera in the form of the ZX1. One of the unique points of the camera is how it will come with Adobr Lightroom CC integrated into the camera itself, meaning that photographers can snap photos and edit them all within the camera.

This is versus more traditional methods which involves transferring the photos out of the camera and onto a phone or computer, and then using the mobile or desktop version of the software. However this led to questions of whether or not ZX1 owners would need to subscribe to Adobr’s CC platform in order to use the software. The good news is that you won’t.

This is good news because not all users will need the rest of the features of Lightroom and so paying for a subscription to Adobr’s Creative Cloud platform doesn’t make sense. In fact many photographers have griped in the past about how expensive it is to use the software even if they are just hobbyists who don’t use it as often.

That being said, there is still no word regarding pricing or availability of the ZEISS ZX1. Last we heard it was set for a launch in early 2020, and given its specs and features, we don’t expect it to come cheap either.


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